How To Take Coconut Oil For Weight Loss

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Coconut oil is an alternative that people with excess weight can use to lose weight. Because of its high content of healthy fats (almost 90% to be exact), it is phlegmatic to oxidize and remains up to six months at a temperature of 24 ° C without falling into rancidity. Here, you’ll learn how to take coconut oil for weight loss.

Coconut oil detoxifies your body and helps to release fats easier, losing weight naturally. It contains fatty acids that when in contact with your body accelerate your metabolism and give you a lot of energy and you will be satisfied, and that will prevent suffering from hunger during the day avoiding anxiety and desire to eat.

Benefits Of Coconut Oil For Weight Loss
1. Speed Up Your Metabolism

Although each metabolism is indeed different, and that is why each organism processes in its way, the foods that are digested.

By using coconut oil even if it contains a high level of fat (healthy fat), it activates thermogenesis in your metabolism (ability to produce heat in your body), and this raises body temperature and causes calories to burn much more quickly.

By including coconut oil in your day to day, you will notice how you burn the calories, how you will gain energy, and how you will lose weight without so many complications.

2. Reduces Appetite

When your body burns or spends more calories, you reduce fat, and this is how coconut oil intervenes decreasing the desire to eat, and all this will result in you consuming less sugars and fewer calories.

Coconut oil when entering your body reduces fat because it becomes ketone bodies (products to dispose of fats) using it instead of strict diets or eliminating carbohydrates.

3. Reduce Abdominal Fat

The fat located in the abdominal part is the most dangerous and the most difficult to eliminate. For this reason, you must take specific guidelines to reduce or eliminate it from your body, without loss of time.

A spoonful of coconut oil before eating will decreases your anxiety for sweets, sugar. But you must resort to the total elimination of sugars because it is useless to take coconut oil if the intake of sugar continues.

How To Take Coconut Oil For Weight Loss

1. Lemon And Coconut Oil For Weight Loss

Lemon, for its high level of vitamin C, promotes easy digestion, as well as clear the toxins from the liver and kidney. It promotes natural weight loss, while water hydrates you and it detoxifies you. And together with the coconut oil, they provide you with a healthy, effective weight loss.

2. Cinnamon And Coconut Oil For Weight Loss

Both foods are used to lose weight. A different and delicious way to ingest them is the infusion of cinnamon and coconut oil.

3. Apple Cider Vinegar And Coconut Oil For Weight Loss

Apple cider vinegar is used individually for several purposes among them to lose weight.

Mix 30 ml of apple cider vinegar with 15 ml of coconut oil.
You can add that mixture to salads or protein shakes.

4. Baking Soda And Coconut Oil For Weight Loss

Baking soda could help to reduce abdominal swelling that can occur when there are changes to a diet with more fiber as in most diets to lose weight.

The baking soda would help to reduce intestinal gas and improve the appearance of your abdomen in this way while other foods and products together with your diet do the metabolic work to lower abdominal fat.

3. Coffee With Coconut Oil For Weight Loss

If you like coffee, this alternative is excellent. Twenty minutes before lunch, you can add coconut oil to the coffee or drink the bulletproof coffee.


Organic coffee
Coconut oil
Two tablespoons of butter and salt.


Prepare the coffee in the usual way, add a tablespoon of coconut oil and butter in the blender. Beat until the foam is generated and drink 1 cup, preferably in the morning.

Coconut Oil Smoothies For Weight Loss

The enormous advantage of coconut oil is its versatility for use in different foods and beverages. You can add it to practically every type of food you want. Many combinations of shakes have been designed to incorporate coconut oil in those people who are not accustomed to eating fats or fried foods of any kind and who reject the consumption of oil directly.

1. Blueberries And Coconut Oil Smoothie


Coconut oil
Chia seeds


Mix half a tablespoon coconut oil, half avocado, half a cup of blueberries, one tablespoon of chia seeds, half a spoonful of honey, 1 cup of water and cinnamon to taste. Drink It.

2. Strawberries And Coconut Oil Smoothie


Coconut oil
Almond milk


Mix one tablespoon of coconut oil, a cup of almond milk, and a cup of strawberries. Enjoy it.

Tips To Take Coconut Oil For Weight Loss
1. Take It Before Eating

Coconut oil solidifies at 24 degrees Celsius, but you should take it in liquid form to help you lose weight. To do this, mix 1 or 2 tablespoons of coconut oil in a pot and add boiling water or tea.

The best time to take it is 20 minutes before eating, because it significantly reduces appetite, allowing you to eat smaller portions.

2. Take Coconut Oil During The Day

Another way to take it, if you have never consumed it, is to start with extra virgin organic coconut oil, with a teaspoon a day and gradually increase it until you reach 3/5 teaspoons a day. Take a diet low in calories and carbohydrates and do physical activity.

4. Replace Your Oil With Coconut Oil

Another option is to change the oil you use with coconut oil, along with a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, fiber, and lean meats.

The results will depend on each organism, age, sex, antecedents, and causes that led to overweight.

Contraindications Of Coconut Oil For Weight Loss

The only known contraindication of coconut oil is an allergy to some component of the coconut, which usually manifests as rash or difficulty breathing.

In case of pregnancy and lactation, there have been no reported problems in their consumption. However, there is not enough scientific information that allows their free use in these conditions.

No interactions of coconut oil with any medication have been reported.

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