Does Chicken Soup Helps To Strengthen Resistance

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Does Chicken Soup Helps To Strengthen Resistance

Kristina Rodulfo

Chicken soup is a nutritious food that can increase resistance and prevent the inflammatory response occurs in the stock cold, flu.

So far, though science has made remarkable progress, almost all kinds of colds, flu caused by the virus still no cure for the definitive treatment. Stock preventing colds appearance or the plagues caused by viruses still have to rely on measures to strengthen the immune system and the symptoms resolved.

Therefore, physicians East, West is always interested in finding measures to increase resistance, helping the body against pathogens, especially the seasonal diseases.

In these efforts, in addition to dietary factors adequate nutrients and energy to exercise, some Western scientists with special attention to the natural remedy has been known for a long time from folklore like chamomile, goji, chicken broth.

Chicken broth prevent colds, flu

Colds typically cause symptoms of sneezing, runny nose, runny nose, nasal congestion. Flu cases are often associated with muscle pain, fever, headaches. The research results of Dr. Stephen Rennard of the University of Nebraska (USA) said the chicken broth to help thaw the spot congestion, edema, thinning secretions and reduce congestion.

Some subsequent studies also showed that the active ingredients in chicken soup has the effect of preventing the inflammatory response occurs in the stock cold, flu was the cause of a sore throat and salivating.

The scientists also said the chicken broth components of cysteine, an amino acid can be combined with vitamins C, E and selenium in the effects of antioxidants. Cysteine also works to stimulate white blood cells in the immune activity, especially capable of diluting and shattered prevent congestion due to mucus place staying in the respiratory apparatus.

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Not recommended for people with high blood pressure

Longstanding, popular experience already know how to use chicken broth, chicken soup as a healthy remedy helps the sick person get back strength, shortening the duration of treatment, especially in reducing the symptoms of flu or cold causes.

According to Oriental medicine, chicken sweet, warm, complementary high moderate damage, warm stomach, strengthen tendons. Recently, many studies of Western medicine has also confirmed the medicinal value of chicken broth.

The researchers also note the vegetables and spices that experience oriental mothers often used in chicken soup. Potatoes, carrots, peppers, green onions โ€ฆ not only delicious, but also stimulates digestion provides more vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to enhance the anti-inflammatory effect or antiseptic tract steam.

In addition, chicken soup, chicken soup is strengthening the warm and spicy food is hot right now works to sweating, which called Oriental medicine left in the early stages of disease are not deep in the body.

However, due to chicken, chicken soup warming effects can enhance sexual performance style thermal activation. Therefore, the case of ulcers, people with internal style, high blood pressure should be careful when using.

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