What is Bright Contouring for Hair? How to do it

What is Bright Contouring for Hair? How to do it

Instead of applying fingers on the hair to paint The new “Bright Contouring for hair” ensures natural curves. It grows out without coloring.

“Bright Contouring” by Wella is a natural coloring technique. It developed by the present trend. No evidence of hair coloring by Bright Contouring. Tips of hair get more brightened. The hair will shine like never before.

What does “Contouring” bring to your hair?

“Bright contouring develops the Megatrend Contouring further. The optimization of the facial structure is more emphasized. By this, the stylist observed the targeted placement of light and dark nuances in the hair. Especially the front parts are lighter colored and emphasize the face shape. Besides, the hair looks are fuller and denser.

The treatment consists of two steps:

  • First the bleaching and then.
  • Special glossing treatments.

Besides bringing shine nuances it also makes the hair glossy. Due to this Contouring is better conventional coloring.

For whom is “Bright Contouring” suitable?

Bright contouring is perfect for women who have not yet colored their hair. Changing of hair color is not at all required from the ground. Partial application of the bleaching and the glossing nuances along with coloring cream. Brunette, for example, can be almost blond by bright contouring. Producing of a transparent approach is not required. The application of exciting bright contouring is for all nuances. It achieves for brighter effects.

But in principle, the new dyeing technique is not only suitable for brunettes. Even with blond, black or red hair, an individual combination of bleach and coloration. It results in a gentle colour profile.

Applying of Bright contouring to all nuances aims to achieve brighter effects. Likewise, adopting the color to each hair length from Bob to long hair.

How is dyed?

What is Bright Contouring for Hair? How to do it
First, a bleaching cream, which adapts to the natural hair color by the professional. Painting onto the lengths and then veneered with the fingers. This gives the particularly natural transitions from the tip to the tips. The bleaching must take about 30 minutes.

After washing , applying two different glossing nuances to the hair is first step. These are coloring creams, which bring a special glow effect into the hair. Stylist mixed matte blond with an ashy blond tone and applied with the fingers to the hair strands.

Step 1: Division of hair into four parts. Then paint the paint with the brush

Step 2: Afterwards, the transitions from the coloration to the tips will pass with the fingers. No hard contrasts arise by doing this.

Step 3: Leave to work. As you can see, in the top hair more bleach than in the approach. In this way, achieving the natural color profile is easy.

Advantage of Bright Contouring

The advantage of “Bright Contouring”: You do not have to color it. One of the biggest concerns in women before dyeing hair is that it costs a lot of time and money.

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