The Biggest Mistakes in Washing Your Hair

The Biggest Mistakes in Washing Your Hair

How often should you try a new shampoo? Can we wash hair in hot water? Do wet hair break out when combing?

A Hairstylist gives answers to the most stubborn rumors.

The following can be the reasons for lack of shine, unhealthy scalp and straw like hair tips:

  • Washing of hair is not doing properly. For what sounds simple at first has its flaws.
  • Wrong water temperature to wash hair
  • Excessive amount of shampoo

Besides, there are many myths:

  • Squealing of hair after wash damages hair.
  • Can one brush wet hair now or not?

Here are the answers to the most stubborn rumours.

Rumours are:

  1. You should change the shampoo regularly

    Hair can get accustomed to certain care products, which are thus not as effective as in the beginning. So you should change the shampoo from time to time. Rumour or truth?
    That’s not true. Once you have found the right hair care, you can have its lifetime. It is advisable to combine different lines with each other. For example, shampoo for stressed hair with a conditioner for dyed hair. This allows you to keep your hair dry and at the same time color coordinated.

  2. Shampooing the hair often is good

    The hair would prefer to work less with shampoo than too often. No matter how high the product is, it always takes the natural lipid coat. It makes the hair more susceptible to damage. This is why after care with conditioners or hair masks is so important. If you have long hair, you should not apply more than the size of a 50 cent piece per hair wash. If you feel that the hair is not clean, because you used a lot of styling products before, you can shampoo a second time.

  3. Hair must squeal after each wash

    Anyone who has watched up, now knows squeaking hair means washing hair to remove lipid mantle. The hair structure is now defenseless. Once a month, use a deep-cleansing shampoo. Also, it removes the dirt from the scalp. But avoid doing this often.

  4. Cold water brings more shine

    Using cold water would close the dandruff layer at the end of the treatment and make the hair shinier. But, Cold water is not good for the scalp. Because the cold also closes the pores of the skin and the substances of the care can not work. So one should not wash the hair with too hot water. Hairs dry out when they come to the heat, and open their surface in heat, as the scales spread. This creates a brittle appearance.

  5. Do not comb wet hair

    The structure is much more sensitive in the wet state and can break. This is why you have to careful with the hair when wet and should avoid aggressive brushing. Even without a brush or comb, you should not pull at a knot in the wet hair. Be very careful to unravel it with your fingers.

  6. If you wash your hair less often, do not grease it so quickly

    With shoulder-length, you should wash the hair once or twice. In this way, hair stays healthy. Still, you may want to wash more and do not want to attack the lipid coat too much. Wash with a shampoo and conditioner. Wash with the next wash the only conditioner and leave the shampoo out.

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