Best Yoga Exercises To Cure Rheumatism

Rheumatic disease is the cause of swelling, inflammation and pain in the muscles or joints; osteoarthritis is a form of rheumatic diseases and leads to permanent damage to the joints. Another condition of this disease occur due to the hyperactivity of the immune system, the immune systems damages the linings of joints and become the reason of joint pain, destruction and swelling. Here we will discuss about some yoga exercises to cure rheumatism.

Though there are several medications available that can ease your pain but the best way to completely eradicate the pain from your life is to take the help of physical exercise and yoga is considered to be the complete exercise for the whole body. Though at first you may find hurdle to adapt with the skill but with regular exercise and proper guidance you can learn the proper ways of practicing yoga.

Benefits Of Yoga For Rheumatism

Yoga, that unites physical postures in accordance to relaxation and breathing, also aids to improve the symptoms of RA.

A study conducted in the year 2013 at the University of California proved that individuals with RA symptoms can experience improvements with the regular practice of yoga.

Even the researchers of Johns Hopkins University have experienced similar end result. After few yoga classes, they have found less swollen joints and fewer tender in those persons who practiced yoga, those persons also experienced improvements in mood and pain.

Yoga provides flexibility and several asanas of yoga can also inhibit the body wide inflammation. Yoga is a best way of starting your days as besides providing flexibility to the muscles it also regulates the blood pressure. Here we will discuss about some yoga poses that directly works to ease the pain of Rheumatic disease.

Yoga Exercises To Cure Rheumatism

1. Sun Salutation
  • Keep your feet in an intact position like staying in an attention mode and after that bring your palm closer to your hand and with palm-to-palm pose place your hand on your chest.
  • Next, slowly bend backwards and open up your arms and slowly exhale and inhale air.
  • This would relax your spine.
2. Child’s pose

This one is exact for stretching the lower back portion of the body.

  • You should start the process by sitting upon your knees and with spreading the knees away bring the big toes together.
  • Next, put your hips onto the heels or feet and extend your hand in the forward position onto the ground.
  • This posture improves the flexibility of spine and back portions.
3. Bridge Pose
  • For starting the pose, lie in supine pose, start bending your knees but set the feet onto the floor.
  • After exhaling, press the inner parts of the feet and arms into the floor.
  • Shove the tailbone in towards up and the lift the buttock off the floor until the thighs come into a parallel position with the floor.
  • Now keep the knees over the heels directly and lift the upper portion of the hip in the direction of the belly button.
  • This is the just the beginner’s guide, after mastering into these position you should try your hand in tougher postures.

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