6 Best Remedies For Dry Hair

The best remedies for the most dried hair - Get rid of dry hair problems with tips from BeautyVigour.com

Dry hair is a common hair problem that most people experience. Hair that does not feature enough moisture and does not hold the normal texture and shine is referred as dry hair. Hair is composed of three layers, when the outer layer meant to protect the hair is damaged; it results in damaged and dull hair. But it is easily possible to get rid of this dry and damaged hair with simple hair care tips from beautyvigour.com.  We are bound to offer the best of home remedies for dry hair and help come out of it pretty simply.

6 Best Remedies For Dry Hair
1. Shower frequently:

It is a good practice to shower the hair every alternate day as it would help the air to stay clean and stimulate secretion of more natural hair oils.

  • Wash hair with a mild shampoo such as baby shampoo that is less drying.
  • Do not use hot water for hair as it strips the protective oils from it.
2. Avocado mask for dry hair:

Avocado helps moisturizing hair shafts and loads them with proteins to get them stronger.

  • Mix peeled avocado with a spoon of wheat germ oil and a spoon of jojoba oil.
  • Apply this to wet hair till the ends and cover scalp with a plastic bag.
  • Leave it to act for 30 minutes and rinse off.
3. Homemade conditioner for dry hair:

Choose a conditioner with thermal protector as these protects the hair from heat. The best alternative is to prepare own conditioner.

  • Mixing 60 ml of olive oil with 60 ml of aloe Vera gel, six drops of rosemary or sandalwood oils.
  • Apply this mixture over the hair, leave it on for an hour or two and rinse it off.
  • Use conditioner at the ends of the hair where it is driest, and then work towards the scalp.
4. Nutrients to strengthen the hair:

Vitamin B helps to get the hair stronger. For those with extremely dull and dry hair a supplement of 50 mg of B vitamin would help. Selenium mineral is also beneficial to maintain healthy hair and 200 mcg of daily dose could help. Evening primrose is beneficial to keep the oil lustrous from inside out.

5. Do not blow dry the hair:

Let the hair to air dry wherever possible and avoid blow drying to the maximum. Do not use hot rollers and curling irons on the hair too often. When heat is applied on the hair it invites brittleness.

6. Brush up on your brushing technique:

Brush hair using natural bristles and not plastic ones as plastic has the potential to generate static electricity to get the hair more brittle. First brush combs the hair at the ends to remove tangles and to avoid unnecessary breakage of the hair when complete hair strokes are taken with the brush.

It is a wrong idea that only branded conditioners or shampoos would offer the swirling and buoyant strands of hair. Things as simple as aloe Vera could add so much luster and bounce to the dry looking hair.

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