Best And Worst Foods For Migraines

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Migraines are a kind of recurrent headache that can be quite intense and even disabling. The most usual thing is that this pain radiates from a single area of ​​the head and that there is sensitivity to certain external factors, such as light or sound.
Sometimes, migraines are preceded by what is known as ‘aura,’ that is, a symptom onset that can help the patient prepare for the attack.

Many factors can cause the appearance of these headaches. Some of them we can not avoid, such as genetic causes, certain medications, anxiety or hormonal changes in the case of women (the phases of the menstrual cycle may be very related to migraines), but others do depend on us. Among them, stress, exposure to lights or loud sounds, physical overexertion, a short rest, or an incorrect diet.

Tyramine is one of the substances that are most related to the appearance of migraines.

Bad Foods For Migraines

It is more common to talk about ‘ forbidden foods ‘since these can have a more significant effect than when we talk about positive foods.

To explain the relationship between food and migraine, there is a specific substance that we must know since it is closely linked: tyramine. It is an amino acid that participates in the regulatory processes of blood pressure and has a vasoactive effect on the human body, that is, it can narrow or widen the blood vessels, causing the dreaded intense migraine headaches. In food, tyramine is higher when more aged.

Another substance closely related to migraines is monosodium glutamate. It is a flavor-enhancing additive that promotes the accumulation of histamine and, therefore, in some groups of people can cause headaches to grow.

1. Cured Cheese

The cheese is one of the first foods that the doctor forbids us when we have migraines, especially if we talk about curing cheese. Tyramine can also find in some semi-cured cheese. If we like cheese a lot and do not want to do without it in our diet, we can try fresh cheese or even cream.

2. Sardines

Another type of food very rich in tyramine is the sardine. In general, any fish that has gone through a pickling process should avoid. Fermented ones raise tyramine levels.

3. Sausages

The sausages usually contain monosodium glutamate, in addition to nitrites and, depending on the processing that these meats have undergone. They can also be rich in tyramine. That is, they have the perfect tandem to enhance unwanted headaches.

4. Commercial Soups

Also rich in monosodium glutamate are canned soups, packaged broths and the like. Monosodium glutamate is used to give it more flavor, in exchange for predisposing us more to migraines.

5. Chocolate

We are sorry, but chocolate should also be left out of the diet if we suffer from migraines. The problem with this food is not only tyramine but also the presence of phenylethylamine and theobromine. Both are related to headache and stimulation of the nervous system.

6. Coffee

Related to the latter that we just mentioned, the stimulation of the nervous system also appears caffeine. A substance that we know very well and that we have very incorporated in our day to day, but that is not always our ally.

7. Alcohol

And if we talk about types of drinks, alcohol should eliminate from our lifestyle if we want to avoid the headaches caused by migraines. The spirit is one of the most clinically with this pathology related substances.

Best Foods For Migraines

Just as there are foods that we should avoid if we have a predisposition to migraines, there are others that can help us to alleviate them.

1. Nuts

Nuts such as hazelnuts or almonds are usually the most recommended to relieve migraines naturally. It is due to its richness in healthy fatty acids, which can help to reduce headache.

2. Legumes

Another group of foods with more power to help us relieve migraines and prevent them are legumes. They are rich in fiber and protein, as well as low in fat.

3. Lettuce

And in general, all green leafy vegetables are useful for preventing migraines. However, try to know its origin to opt for those varieties that have lower nitrate content.

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