8 Unknown Benefits of Beach Yoga

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Nothing better than practicing yoga and being in touch with nature. There is no doubt that the practice of sports activities generates excellent health benefits, which is why many specialists recommend it. Therefore, in the following article, we will mention the benefits of beach yoga that can become your favorite.

Yoga is an ancient Indian discipline that can give you many benefits because it allows us to connect with our essence, enjoy the present, and learn to enjoy the magical moments that gives us life.

Benefits of Beach Yoga

1. Better Oxygenation

During the time that our yoga practice in front of the sea lasts, we will be able to breathe the fresh and clean air of this beautiful landscape. Likewise, we can synchronize our breathing with the oscillation of the waves during practice and meditation.

2. Provides More Vitamin D

Practicing yoga outdoors in summer, especially on the beach, will be an ideal time to absorb a good dose of vitamin D that only the sun provides. If you go to the beach this summer, go ahead and try at least one yoga class in front of that beautiful natural landscape and absorb the best results.

3. Increase Your Concentration

Being away from the city is ideal if we seek to disconnect a bit and recover energy to continue with our goals. Doing yoga in front of the beach will help us to raise our level of concentration since we will be far from the noises of the city before, during, and after our session.

4. Better Mood

After a few days practicing yoga in front of the sea, you will return with a better state of mind and with a lot of energy to face the challenges of the day to day. Yoga will allow you to connect with your purposes, and with the best of you. It will help to move the energy in your body and calm your mind. Also, the sun’s energy will allow you to lift the mood and energy of the sea to reduce stress.

5. Ideal For Inverted Postures

Performing inverted postures such as shoulder stand pose or headstand pose is a great challenge during practice due to the level of demand of our muscles, the degree of connection with our body and the fear of a bad fall that can seriously hurt us.

The beach can be an ideal place to perform these positions as the sandy surface will help to reduce the risk of a severe fall and the body weight will mold perfectly with the ground, avoiding the discomfort that sometimes generates a very firm surface.
If you visit the beach during this summer season, do not hesitate to try some of the basic inverted postures.

6. Increase The Level Of Your Practice

If you already have experience in practice and what you are looking for is to challenge yourself physically. Yoga on the beach is perfect for you since the soft surface of the beach will demand a higher level of control over your body, especially in balance postures. Try to do Tree pose in front of the sun. We are sure you will not regret it.

Also, the sandy and dry surface of the beach is ideal because it helps us to avoid the slippage of the body and to have greater firmness in each asana.

7. Connect With The Sounds Of Nature

Finally, yoga is a discipline that allows us to enter into connection with the soul and body. Performing this practice in front of the sea will be a magical moment that you will not forget. Imagine a meditation or perform savasana listening to the soft singing of the sea waves.

8. Tone Your Skin

After a yoga session on the beach, you can take a refreshing swim in the sea, nothing better to refresh and tone muscles. Also, you can recover your heart rate and leave your skin softer thanks to the mineral salts it offers.

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