Beer Yoga – A New Trend in Yoga

Beer Yoga - A New Trend in Yoga

The yoga is a discipline that provides many physical and mental benefits. More and more trends are introducing to practice yoga, now it is about Beer Yoga.

In recent years yoga gained much popularity. Also thanks to many celebrities who have shown their fondness for this discipline. Now it comes Beer Yoga, designed for beer lovers, as they can practice yoga while drinking. A trend that was born in Berlin, Germany, and is already practised by many young people.

According to one of the creators, this new model is perfect for body, mind, and soul. The Beer Yoga was born in Germany so that people start to practice this discipline without having to stop drinking beer.

Beer Yoga is fun but no joke:

We take the yoga philosophies and combine them with drinking beer to reach the most excellent level of consciousness.

The Beer Yoga is perfect for those who love beer and want to try yoga or for those who are yoga fans and always want to refresh themselves with a beer.

The primary goal of yoga is to achieve and maintain physical, mental, social and spiritual health. On the other hand, consumption of beer also keeps health. The epidemiological studies have shown that moderate consumption of beer provides more excellent protection of the cardiovascular system in comparison with hard alcohol. These researchers attributed to some molecules in beer, mainly polyphenols, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Also, there is increasing evidence of a protective effect of moderate beer consumption in neurodegenerative diseases (Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease). Scientists have confirmed that people who moderately and responsibly drink beer have a reduced mortality rate, mainly due to the reduction of cardiovascular risk, compared with total abstainers.

It consists of merely drinking beer when practicing yoga. Yoga experts say that it is the best way to achieve wellness and physical and mental peace.

Do not over drink beer, some drink one or two beers, and others use the bottle to test their balance.

Bend your knee, raise one arm and place the bottle on your head. Hold for 30 seconds and watch for it to fall. Eject the stress of your mind so that beer can reach your soul and only then drink.

The taste of drinking beer and the expansion of yoga awareness complement each other and together offer an invigorating experience.

Beer yoga is for improving health, vitality, concentration and to achieve inner peace and satisfaction. Asanas that perform, among other things, include “greeting the sun with a beer” and balancing bottles of beer on one head.

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