7 Best Aphrodisiac Essential Oils

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The aphrodisiac oils, as its name suggests, serve to create cozy and warm climates, to find that intimacy that we need at a specific and special time. The aphrodisiac oils contain properties that stimulate circulation by increasing body temperature, stimulating desire. Do you want to know that aphrodisiac oils? Read on!

Best Aphrodisiac Oils

1. Clove Oil

It is used mainly in women who have lost their libido for nervous reasons or problems with food. In men, it is frequently used when there is any problem of erection or premature ejaculation.

2. Patchouli Oil

Its intense and strong aroma requires that it is often mixed with other aromas that reduce its intensity. Decrease inhibition thus getting a more relaxed state to express your desires. Mitigates fatigue and negative thoughts, to be able to focus our senses on the person in front of us.

It helps to eliminate the difficulty that many people have when it comes to expressing their feelings, increasing interest in the other person or awakening our deepest sensual part.

3. Nutmeg Oil

This oil is considered as a libido stimulant. Thus increasing sexual activity. For many years, alternative medicines have used nutmeg oil for male sexual problems or disorders above all, although its effect also falls on women.

4. Ylang Ylang Oil

It intensifies sexual desire due to its spicy and sweet fragrance at the same time. Its use stimulates each of our senses, awakening as well, all the feelings we have towards our partner. It is a perfect stimulant to enhance sexuality and sensuality.

5. Palmarosa Oil

Although its properties are very similar to those of the rose, it is usually used as an aphrodisiac oil due to its properties of increased blood circulation. Warms and relaxes the body providing a pleasant sensation of pleasure. It is perfect for getting the balance and tranquility you need and get started in romanticism.

6. Jasmine Oil

This natural aphrodisiac is used in aromatherapy to treat, mainly, states of uneasiness. Its aroma is persistent, and for thousands of years, aphrodisiac properties have been attributed to it for acting on a mental, emotional and physical level, achieving in the person, a state of greater confidence, calming states of anxiety or fear of sexual failure.

It generates euphoria and optimism, attraction, and fascination for feminine energy. It puts on alert all the senses creating that atmosphere of perfect relaxation, thus helping, to any sexual problem.

7. Ginger Oil

Ginger oil is the best aphrodisiac oil. It increases body temperature, thereby stimulating our physical activity. It’s aphrodisiac properties can increase if we mix it with any of the previous oils. It is convenient to use in small doses because of its strong aroma.

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