4 Best Abdomen Exercises

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The practice of sports activities is very beneficial in the prevention, development, and rehabilitation of health. Also, it contributes to establishing mental well-being, improving the autonomy of the person, the memory, rapidity of ideas, among others. In terms of physical care, having an exercise routine helps us to keep our muscles firm and shiny. But, we know that one of the most challenging areas to achieve this goal is the abdomen. In this article, we will mention four types of perfect abdomen exercises to focus and concentrate the efforts in the middle area.

Best Abdomen Exercises

1. Short Abs

Also called crunch, it is a variant that locates the effort in the upper area. Although it is well known and practiced, mistakes often made in its execution. A bad execution means that the results are not as expected and can sometimes lead to some injury or discomfort.

To avoid failures, the technique indicates that the hands should place below the nape of the neck, allowing the elbows to open. Then flex the trunk, slightly raising the head and shoulders of the ground.

2. Crunched Abs

It is an alternative that focuses mainly on oblique abdominals. The execution has to be paused to concentrate the strength in the abdomen.

The aim is to join the elbow and the opposite knee by turning the torso, but not the neck. It is not necessary to upload full, although it is essential to mark the pause when going up and near both members.

3. Abdominals With Leg Raise

It consists of stepping up the legs without taking off the torso of the mat, with the whole body stretched. In this movement, place the hands behind the head. The execution must be slow, without rushing, since the strength must be concentrated in the middle zone and not in the neck.

4. Abdominals With Crossed Legs

Unlike the previous one, in this last case, the legs remain at all times above, and the movement that made is a slight crossing of the lower limbs while the abdominal area contracts.

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